About Magnus


Born and raised in Tønsberg, Norway, Magnus Martinsen aka. Magnify have been making music since childhood, raised by his musical father, and after moving to Oslo, he quickly gained acknowledgement for his supermusicality and talent. He has worked with, produced, performed and/or toured with many successful artists such as Nico & Vinz, Madcon, Kaveh, Amanda Delara, Nico D, Ravi and Nick Jonas to mention a few.

He is also one half of the production duo “Most Wanted” along with Petter Walther Walthinsen, and together, they have merits such as multi-platinum and gold awarded songs. Having a habit of connecting with the artists on a very artistic and conceptual level, they have produced several full albums in its entirety.

Magnus is widely known for the emphasis on ambience, harmony and soul in his music, and is looking forward to a future targeted towards soundtrack-scoring and full feature film music.

Photo: Ida Fiskaa